Our Story

Church Ecclesia, Alex Rykhlyuk

It’s not an event.  People see the photos of City Pastors Fellowship luncheons, and may mistake this for a “mega-style” membership-driven organizational gathering.
It’s so far from that.

We are real friends who pastor the city together week in and week out. We actually know each other and support each other. CPF is not about what happens at the quarterly luncheons. It’s always been about what happens in between
— one on one and side by side.
In 2008, three local pastors from different churches thought it would be very good to build off of what others had worked toward, in various ways, for many years. Each of these pastors had about 5-6 really good lead pastor friends whom they invited (along with many other lead pastors they didn’t yet know) to break bread together. About 20 lead pastors showed up at the first quarterly luncheon to do nothing more than break bread together, become better acquainted, and spend a few minutes praying for one another in very small groups.
Gradually, the friendships have not only grown deeper, but also much wider.

The spiritual climate is one of celebration for one another, not competition. New lead pastors are welcomed into the region with open arms and tangible expressions of support from established churches and ministries.

We are one church with many life-giving congregations.